What is Newspusher?

Newspusher is the video news on-demand service designed by Akamedia for media professionals. Newspusher is the 1-stop licensing shop where program makers can search, preview and license the footage and short programs provided by 100+ international producers. The premium content accessible on Newspusher.com is available not only for use on TV screens but also for Mobile phones, Web sites and all other screens in retail, planes... The content can be licensed for a wide range of uses, from promotional to editorial, commercial or corporate productions.

What kind of footage is available on Newspusher?

Newspusher provides access to more than 1 Million items. Our fast growing archive has more than just hard news footage. It includes the broadest coverage of entertainment news that satisfies most famous celebrity programs around the world. It also includes material covering sports , business, science and technology, as well as collections of odd and funny stories. We receive more than 500 new clips every day from 100+ reliable sources. The contributors range for indie reporters around the globe to National news agencies like The Press Association from the UK or the Chinese agency Xinhua, famous photo agencies that are producing video like Splash News or Abaca. Sources also include main news channels like Fox News that Akamedia represents outside the USA, as well as the official coverage of main events like Cannes Film Festival or the Fashion weeks in Paris, Milan...

Do you have uncut footage or do you only provide edited pieces?

Both. Unedited video ranges from a few minutes to over an hour in length, and offers you the freedom to select the shots you want. Much of the footage is raw, so it may include color bars, black, reracks, standups, VBI, Clocks... In other words, you'll be seeing the same material that the staff of the newsrooms can see. Edited pieces an be played as they are or re-edited if you prefer to do so. They run from 30 seconds to 3 minutes and may includes jingles, copyright or source notices. We also provide short bulletins that are only available on subscription (Celebrity news daily, The Hollywood Minute, Video Games weekly bulletin...). These programs can be played as they are or re-edited if you prefer.

Do you have any sports material?

Yes — Our library contains a wealth of related sports video such as press conferences, interviews, practices & trainings, awards... It also includes action and extreme sports footage. Regarding the main sports competitions, we are currently negociating access to game footage that are owned by the sports associations, clubs and leagues, so that you can use them for news purpose.

Do you have any stock footage?

Not yet — Our library contains some stock footage and illustrations that mainly are B-rolls of the news material that we receive. We are discussing with parters to fullfill the need for stock of media clients. Stay tunes if you are interested!

Do you have Royalty Free video?

Yes we do! We are working with a lot of sources offering Royalty Free collections to complete our offer and help you to reduce your costs of production.

Do you have any still images?

No — Even if we work with a lot of producers who produce photo and video, we focus on video distribution. We believe that photo and video distributions involve different processes and different client bases. However, we will be pleased to put you in contact with the rights holders of the still images related to the collections that we represent.

Do you have promotional content that can be used for free?

Yes — We receive more and more great material that can be used for free within the promotion period. This includes video content from the NGOs and IGOs, the movie distributors, the record labels, event organisers... It can also includes VNR (Video News Releases) and branded content.

Can I license other productions from your sources that is not available on Newspusher.com?

When the material that you are looking for is not available online, we can go back to the producer to order it and check that we can clear the rights for your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for your specific requests.

Can I buy or download video for personal viewing? I know somebody appearing in a clip that I see on Newspusher.com, how get I get a personal copy?

Newspusher does not provide content licensing for personal viewing or other personal non-commercial uses yet. And we are not allowed by most rights holders to allow the downloading of their video or audio material without a proper licence.

How much digital video is on the site?

All clips available on Newspusher are digital and available online. The digital library is growing fast as we receive more than 500 clips every day, plus we can dig into the archives of our producers!

What formats do you provide?

As Newspusher's operations are fully digital, you only pay for licensing the content and not for the expensive related logistics and transport costs. We help you in these tough times to reduce the cost of your content acquisition. And we also help you to reduce your carbon print. We carry different file formats and we mainly deliver Mpeg-2 and H264 via FTP or third party networks like Smartjog. We can also provide the video material in most digital formats. In a growing number of cases (Cannes Film Festival, the Fashion Weeks, the film premieres...), we are very proud to be among the first to provide the coverage in High Definition. If you can only receive Beta, Beta SP, DigiBeta or DVCam, we can organise the physical delivery with a partner lab next to your office. In this case, we will charge you the cost of the transfer, the media and the delivery.

How much does licensing video cost?

License fees vary depending on the rights that are licensed, including the media usage (television, web, mobile, corporate, etc.), the territory (worldwide, US, Germany, Singapore...), the term (1 month, 12 months, 24 months...), and the amount of footage used. There can also be research or transcoding costs based on your request and the quantity of material.

How long does it take to receive the video?

As most content is available online, most content can be delivered in a few minutes. If you order a large amount of clips at once, the delivery may take a few dozen of minutes. In all cases, Newspusher's staff prides itself on helping clients meet production deadlines. And a lot of our clients are newsrooms and daily news magazines.

Do you have professional research assistance?

If you cannot find what you are looking for on Newspusher, our professional research staff will be happy to help you find the right footage within our producers' network (billable rates apply). You may submit your request by calling our desk +33 1 4606 4040, or fill out our research request form on Newspusher.

For professional only!

We are relying on you, as video professionals, to handle the open access to our licensing service in a responsible and trustworthy manner.